Over the years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of TV channels in the UK. Up to a few years back, there were tens of TV channels on UK television, but today there are more than 500 Satellite channels available. Most of these channels are mostly news channels, home entertainment, sports channels and movie channels. In fact, the Tele viewership in the UK has also increased fast.

Remarkably, the number of people watching Satellite channels in the UK on a TV set, is less than the number of people who watch UK TV on various other devices. Also, the demand for UK based channels in different parts of the world has considerably increased in recent years. The UK broadcasters association has a very strict policy of prohibiting the UK bound TV shows and events on television other than in the UK. This is done to protect the rights of the producers of the shows and broadcasters who have suffered huge losses because of copyrighting issues in the past.

Most of the UK TV channels are transmitted by Astra2E Satellite communication services. These services follow the guidelines of the UK broadcasting network that doesn’t allow them to broadcast these channels outside the UK. Because of which most of the people living outside the UK have not been able to watch UK channels abroad.

A few years back, the launch of IPTV services brought big smiles on the faces of such people. IPTV has enabled every user to watch all British broadcasting satellite shows anywhere in the world at any time.

The IPTV that works on the internet IP protocol, serves the UK based channels in other foreign locations in a coded form. This is then been decoded by a receiver at the client location. This is done, so that no one is be able to copy the content.

This set top box also supports all HD channels with highest quality picture and crystal clear sound. A user can easily record his favorite TV shows through an IPTV outside the UK. It really doesn’t require a user to have television to watch these channels. In fact they can watch all British channels on their computers or even mobile devices by paying a small amount as a subscription fee.

British TV Anywhere