How a Carriage House Makes the Perfect Garage

Keep Your Vehicle Secure & Pristine in a Carriage House

In the earlier 20th-century carriage houses had a much tamer appearance and they were used for housing horses and carriages that were used as the method of transportation back in those earlier times. Because of the animals, these carriage houses were typically situated away from the main house however things changed with the post-war urban development where families began to purchase and use automobiles. In the beginning times of automobile ownership these carriage houses were changed into garages and they became incorporated with the house design and slowly the style became common for the garage to be attached to or a part of the main house itself. Within this specialised article we will share with you the different uses and advantages of using a carriage house in modern times. Read below for our examples and details on how these buildings may make your life more comfortable.

Nowadays most home designs are built with the garage as the leading feature of the main house. This is visually unappealing for some people however those with extra space and land have the added option of building their own unique carriage house away from the main house. Using this strategy home owners can both maximise space and usability of their property while beautifying and adding resale value to their property. We will discuss the different elements further.

Many different municipalities tax outbuildings that are unattached to the primary home at a much lower rate. If you are worried about real estate taxes they will be less of a concern when you use this strategy rather then paying extra money for a home with an attached garage. Because a carriage house is a separate building from the actual home the actual requirements and building codes for energy efficiency will be lower than your home. All you need to build a carriage home is a concrete foundation with an exterior shell and the finishing does not have to be elaborate. Having the extra space between buildings can also be helpful for snowy climates for being able to shovel and pile snow away from the home and other buildings.

Pouring a concrete foundation for a carriage house. Image credit: YouTube

An added benefit of a carriage house is the fact that it can be used for storage housing vehicles, tractors, sporting equipment, snowmobiles and other things. You can also convert them into a workshop or even as an apartment or spare living area. If you add a loft to your building above the lower level you can use it for even more added storage space to store your goods that won’t fit in your home.

As we mentioned earlier some homeowners can change the upper areas of the carriage house into an apartment or in-law suite. This will have to pass the building codes and you will have to hire professional builders to complete the task and have it approved by your local municipality. You will need to include such things as electricity and plumbing and having the wiring an piping roughed in will save you extra time and finances if you plan on building and renovating your carriage house interior to a spare living area later in time.

The design and implementation of building timber carriages will be completely determined by your financial budget and your imagination. They can be used to store and shelter your vehicles from the harsh elements and they can also be converted into small and cozy living areas such as apartments. Some homeowners choose to convert their carriage houses into one or two suite rental units to generate extra income. Ideally they are a pleasure to have as a part of your property and also add to the over all resale value of your home when and if you decide to sell.

carriage houses are usually clad in tanalised timbers. Image credit: Irving Timber

They can be designed to match the style of your main house with matching roofing and siding. Making them look beautiful adds to their visual appeal and renovating them to make them more usable is always a great decision. Whether being used for vehicles, storage or as an extra suite, these structures are a great addition to any home as long as you have space. What you use with the space is entirely up to you with some homeowners they use it for storage space or for housing their vehicles. Other people choose to turn the entire carriage house into an extra living area. Others may choose to turn it into one or two apartment suites for added rental income. The usage of these buildings is unlimited and they are a great addition to any home.

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