Trade shows are known for being an invaluable method to market existing products and services and to reinforce branding to your desired audience. Many industry experts were interviewed and the top 10 tips for showcasing a successful exhibition event have been outlined below.

1. Set Goals

You will need to set a clear objective for why you’re showcasing your products or services at the event and what you intend to do while there. You will have to decide whether you are selling a product or service, generating leads, reinforcing your brand, networking or other options.

2. Be Ready

Have everything that goes into your exhibit being successful carefully planned. Know about your exhibition space, be prepared for shipping expenses as well as the installation of your display and everything in between.

3. Know your Competition

You will want to review your competitors and their main attributes that make their modular exhibition stands so successful. You will want to use similar methods that make your competition stand out and attract while engaging their audience. Learn from them and employ the same tactics in your own way.

4. Have a Plan & Good Design

Brainstorm ideas and figure out how you wish to present your organisation at an event. You will want to talk to design companies and their results with previous clients. You will need time to create designs, revisions, and artwork. You will need a few months before the event to create everything and you will also have to the shipping logistics covered too.

5. Create a Buzz

Before the event ever begins you need to be sure to energise your audience by advertising you will be at the show on your website, social media, twitter, email marketing, postal mail and other advertising vehicles. Get your target market interested in your showing at an exhibition and ready to engage your booth.

6. Make a Powerful First Impression

There will be plenty of advertising and exhibitors at a show competing for time and attention. Make sure you make a good first impression with eye-catching design. You can offer comfortable rest areas with refreshments giving you time to discuss products and services. Ensure your sales team are approachable and friendly.

7. Be Interactive

Including interactive elements to your exhibition are the best way to both attract and engage your audience. When you get people interested in your booth you will have better results. Use competitions or challenges.

8. Promotional Literature

You will want to have memorable promotional material to give away to your audience. You will want products that will promote your brand and make your organisations name something they will remember.

9. Live Social Advertising

While you are exhibiting at a trade show you can host a live show on your website or a social platform to spread your viral marketing effect. You can also send out tweets and blog posts.

10. Always Follow Up

You will need to stay in contact with leads and have a sales team that can keep your exhibition based leads interested in your products, organisation or services. Stay in contact with them and keep them interested in your products long after the show.