10 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Trade Show

Trade shows are known for being an invaluable method to market existing products and services and to reinforce branding to your desired audience. Many industry experts were interviewed and the top 10 tips for showcasing a successful exhibition event have been outlined below.

1. Set Goals

You will need to set a clear objective for why you’re showcasing your products or services at the event and what you intend to do while there. You will have to decide whether you are selling a product or service, generating leads, reinforcing your brand, networking or other options.

2. Be Ready

Have everything that goes into your exhibit being successful carefully planned. Know about your exhibition space, be prepared for shipping expenses as well as the installation of your display and everything in between.

3. Know your Competition

You will want to review your competitors and their main attributes that make their modular exhibition stands so successful. You will want to use similar methods that make your competition stand out and attract while engaging their audience. Learn from them and employ the same tactics in your own way.

4. Have a Plan & Good Design

Brainstorm ideas and figure out how you wish to present your organisation at an event. You will want to talk to design companies and their results with previous clients. You will need time to create designs, revisions, and artwork. You will need a few months before the event to create everything and you will also have to the shipping logistics covered too.

5. Create a Buzz

Before the event ever begins you need to be sure to energise your audience by advertising you will be at the show on your website, social media, twitter, email marketing, postal mail and other advertising vehicles. Get your target market interested in your showing at an exhibition and ready to engage your booth.

6. Make a Powerful First Impression

There will be plenty of advertising and exhibitors at a show competing for time and attention. Make sure you make a good first impression with eye-catching design. You can offer comfortable rest areas with refreshments giving you time to discuss products and services. Ensure your sales team are approachable and friendly.

7. Be Interactive

Including interactive elements to your exhibition are the best way to both attract and engage your audience. When you get people interested in your booth you will have better results. Use competitions or challenges.

8. Promotional Literature

You will want to have memorable promotional material to give away to your audience. You will want products that will promote your brand and make your organisations name something they will remember.

9. Live Social Advertising

While you are exhibiting at a trade show you can host a live show on your website or a social platform to spread your viral marketing effect. You can also send out tweets and blog posts.

10. Always Follow Up

You will need to stay in contact with leads and have a sales team that can keep your exhibition based leads interested in your products, organisation or services. Stay in contact with them and keep them interested in your products long after the show.

FEIE: The Income Tax Exemption for All US Citizens

If you are a United States citizen or a green card holder and you live outside of the USA in a foreign country you may be eligible for the foreign earned income exclusion which would entitle you to a $104,100 exemption for the tax year of 2018. If you have earned personal income like wages, a salary, sales commissions, fees, or other earnings in a country other then the USA then you may be able to apply for this exclusion. Within this article we will outline the tax filing obligations you may have if you earned income from a foreign location. You might also have US tax filing obligations even if you are not earning any money but happen to be married to someone who did earn an income. All US citizens will have to file an IRS form 1040 for the previous years if your income is above a certain threshold. These thresholds can differ based on your certain taxable position.

Calculator & Tax Documents

How Does FEIE Work?

There are two major methods which can reduce your US tax payment by a large amount. These include the foreign earned income exclusion as well as the foreign tax credit. Neither of these tax methods gives you a reason not to file your income if it is above the filing threshold. The foreign earned income exclusion gives you the opportunity to exclude a certain amount of earned income from foreign countries. As of 2018, this amount is $104,100. This exclusion only applies to foreign earned monies. Other income that is earned like pensions, interest, dividends, capital gains and US-sourced income cannot be excluded from the foreign earnings income exemption. With that type of income, you are liable to pay the full US tax on these types of earned income.

The other method to lower your US tax bill is by using the foreign tax credit which you can implement using IRS form 1116. If your earnings were taxed by a foreign country you can subtract that tax from your US tax payment. You are only able to claim a foreign tax credit for foreign taxes on the same earned income that the USA is taxing. The fraction of your foreign taxes that are eligible for the tax credit is determined by the ratio of excluded income from the total income earned.

Combining FEIE & Foreign Tax Credits

If you decide to combine the foreign earned income exemption along with the foreign tax credit you can drastically reduce your US tax bill or possibly even lower it to zero. You absolutely must file your US tax forms even if your bill is zero after applying the foreign earned income exemption and or the foreign tax credit. If you have claimed the FEIE in previous tax years using the IRS tax form 2555 and this year you decide to use the foreign tax credit you will not be able to use the foreign earned income exemption again for another six years unless if you can get approval from the IRS so be sure to take this into consideration.

You may also be able to exclude housing expenses from your income that is taxed. You can calculate this exclusion using Part VI on Form 2555. There are also plenty of other aspects that you must consider when filing your taxes. This includes what is known as the Alternative Minimum tax which handles passive income like interest and capital gains. There is also the foreign housing exclusion if you rent your lodging in a foreign country. There are plenty of rules and regulations that take effect when filing your taxes and speaking directly with an international tax expert is one of your best options before you decide to file your taxes.

In order to file your tax returns you will either have to possess a social security number or an individual tax identification number. The IRS is required to notify the state department of taxpayers who own delinquent tax debt. The state department is prohibited from renewing a passport to a taxpayer with a tax debt of over $51,000.

What About Healthcare?

Another thing to pay attention too for American citizens working overseas is the affordable care act. If you work overseas you will have to declare yourself as not subject to the affordable care act. You will have to indicate you benefit from deemed covered status from a separate foreign health plan and don’t need to engage the US plan or have to pay any penalty fees that are related.

Ultimately the tax laws for American citizens working overseas is very beneficial. Consult a tax expert to maximise your deduction and to benefit from this tax exemption.

See How It Works

Check out the explainer video below to quickly learn what the FEIE law means and if it applies to you:

How a Carriage House Makes the Perfect Garage

Keep Your Vehicle Secure & Pristine in a Carriage House

In the earlier 20th-century carriage houses had a much tamer appearance and they were used for housing horses and carriages that were used as the method of transportation back in those earlier times. Because of the animals, these carriage houses were typically situated away from the main house however things changed with the post-war urban development where families began to purchase and use automobiles. In the beginning times of automobile ownership these carriage houses were changed into garages and they became incorporated with the house design and slowly the style became common for the garage to be attached to or a part of the main house itself. Within this specialised article we will share with you the different uses and advantages of using a carriage house in modern times. Read below for our examples and details on how these buildings may make your life more comfortable.

Nowadays most home designs are built with the garage as the leading feature of the main house. This is visually unappealing for some people however those with extra space and land have the added option of building their own unique carriage house away from the main house. Using this strategy home owners can both maximise space and usability of their property while beautifying and adding resale value to their property. We will discuss the different elements further.

Many different municipalities tax outbuildings that are unattached to the primary home at a much lower rate. If you are worried about real estate taxes they will be less of a concern when you use this strategy rather then paying extra money for a home with an attached garage. Because a carriage house is a separate building from the actual home the actual requirements and building codes for energy efficiency will be lower than your home. All you need to build a carriage home is a concrete foundation with an exterior shell and the finishing does not have to be elaborate. Having the extra space between buildings can also be helpful for snowy climates for being able to shovel and pile snow away from the home and other buildings.

Pouring a concrete foundation for a carriage house. Image credit: YouTube

An added benefit of a carriage house is the fact that it can be used for storage housing vehicles, tractors, sporting equipment, snowmobiles and other things. You can also convert them into a workshop or even as an apartment or spare living area. If you add a loft to your building above the lower level you can use it for even more added storage space to store your goods that won’t fit in your home.

As we mentioned earlier some homeowners can change the upper areas of the carriage house into an apartment or in-law suite. This will have to pass the building codes and you will have to hire professional builders to complete the task and have it approved by your local municipality. You will need to include such things as electricity and plumbing and having the wiring an piping roughed in will save you extra time and finances if you plan on building and renovating your carriage house interior to a spare living area later in time.

The design and implementation of building timber carriages will be completely determined by your financial budget and your imagination. They can be used to store and shelter your vehicles from the harsh elements and they can also be converted into small and cozy living areas such as apartments. Some homeowners choose to convert their carriage houses into one or two suite rental units to generate extra income. Ideally they are a pleasure to have as a part of your property and also add to the over all resale value of your home when and if you decide to sell.

carriage houses are usually clad in tanalised timbers. Image credit: Irving Timber

They can be designed to match the style of your main house with matching roofing and siding. Making them look beautiful adds to their visual appeal and renovating them to make them more usable is always a great decision. Whether being used for vehicles, storage or as an extra suite, these structures are a great addition to any home as long as you have space. What you use with the space is entirely up to you with some homeowners they use it for storage space or for housing their vehicles. Other people choose to turn the entire carriage house into an extra living area. Others may choose to turn it into one or two apartment suites for added rental income. The usage of these buildings is unlimited and they are a great addition to any home.

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The following external sites were used as reference material in the authorship of this article:

How a kitchen facelift can improve your homes market value

Transform your home life with some simple kitchen upgrades

Many different home owners decide to change the looks of their home by altering their living room spaces where they spend most of their time. However, understand that remodeling a kitchen can give your home a boost in value and increase the price of your home if you choose to resell. According to some experts, the return on investment that comes with changing a kitchen area can be within the 80 to 90 percent. That is a big way to add value to your home. Even if you don’t have an existing desire to put your property up for sale, a kitchen remodeling makes sense and you will enjoy the benefits of a new kitchen. You will appreciate the added profits that come with a remodel when you decide it is time to sell your home.

A List of the Best Home Improvement Returns on Investment. Image credit: DiGiorgi

Professionals agree that making aesthetic changes to your home is the best way to increase its resale value. A kitchen area is a wonderful place to start because there are many different options from simple to extreme. If you are in a hurry to upgrade your home because you want to put it up for sale, you may choose to reface cabinets or perhaps replacing other components of your kitchen. You can also choose other things to replace such as lighting that can improve the working functional area of the cooking area. You can also change the lighting in different areas and rooms of your house as well. For home owners who plan on moving soon, these simple kitchen area remodeling tips are absolutely affordable and are some easy choices to make.

For home owners, that desire to stay in their own home for a while, choosing a full-scale cooking area to remodel can make a huge improvement to your home and building a new kitchen can boost your comfort and happiness. Your kitchen is considered the heart of the home because it is where a lot of family events take place. A lot more than just cooking food happens in most kitchens. Maximize yours and change it, turning it into an area that you and your family will love.

Remodeling your kitchen does not have to be a super overwhelming process. You should begin by getting yourself excited about the possibilities of what you can do and create a vision of what you want your new kitchen to look like. We suggest you read home redesign websites and magazines and also visit home improvement stores for better ideas to peak your imagination. Visiting a hardware store and speaking to the experts there is a great idea. The experts can suggest product ideas, they can list different installers and give you excellent advice on home remodeling. You never know once you finish remodeling your kitchen you may want to alter something else in your home to add value for reselling.

Having the actual resale price of your home in your mind is very important no matter when you decide to sell your home. With the price tag being your highest goal, consider the type of kitchen that can increase the financial value of your home. You will want to pick a new kitchen that fits your home. As an example, you don’t want to install a modern kitchen if you are living in an old fashioned residence. You will want to find appliances, components and other things that give your home a great feeling and bring about the results you wish for.

A Typical Kitchen Makeover Before & After. Image credit: SNV Mali

When it’s time to promote your home on the open market, a brand new kitchen upgrade will make your home ready for your family to raise the price point and increase it to higher levels so you can get the maximum bang for your buck. Speak to a local kitchen transformation specialist and they will be able to give you a cost estimate on the investment needed to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Luckily there are a lot of different things you can do to spruce up your kitchen and bring it into the current year. People will typically be able to tell the age of your house by whats on the walls. If your kitchen is full of wallpaper, it may be time to make it fresh. Paint over the walls and open up to your own creativity.

Another tip we recommend is changing your kitchen cabinets. Changing the cabinets can change the whole kitchen space altogether. It may be time-consuming but it is way cheaper than a complete renovation and the best part is, is that you can do most of this yourself. If you don’t want to change the cabinets you can always make smaller changes like the cabinet hardware. There are thousands of knobs and pullies to choose from that can bring fresh life to your outdated kitchen. Just be sure the holes in the old hardware match up with the new fixtures so everything blends in seamlessly.

Increasing the value of your home by improving your kitchen is a great idea and we hope we helped you with our suggestions. The value of your home will go up when you redesign your kitchen. Take these tips into consideration to get the highest price for your home when you decide to sell!

Features Of The Best Running Shoes For Sprinters

Choosing the best footwear for your next run

Sprinters aim is to run as quickly as they can from one point to another with the least wind resistance, so they need to have less cumbersome and light shoes. Each runner has their own unique style and also individual needs, so one shoe will not fit another person.

Different Types of Sprinting Spikes. Image credit: Holabird Sports

There are three types of shoes that a sprinter can use, and this depends on what an individual feels as the most comfortable and can enhance his performance. These types are:

A sprinter spike

As the runner sprints, the balls of their feet receives much force hence sprint spikes promote this action. Under the forefront of the shoe, there is a stiff plastic or hard rubber that pushes the sprinter out on the ball of their feet. They also have a set of metal spikes or fine ceramics which are screwed in the forefront for aggressive traction. They are so light that it will feel as if you are running barefoot, have a great flexibility and it allows your toes to push forcefully into your next stride. This quality is what makes this type of shoe the most used shoes by sprinters. Sprinter spike shoes have less cushioning because most sprinters use their toes while running.

A racing flat

A bit heavier than sprint spikes and it is best for a runner who finds spikes to be too hard because there is minimal cushioning. A flat shoe has minimal cushioning compounds, and it is made of a super lightweight material which allows sprinters to maintain the need of a minimal, lightweight feel of the shoe while at the same time offering more cushioning, comfort and protection.

Lightweight training shoes

This is best for sprinters who are prone to injuries due to minimal cushioning in racing flat and sprint spike shoes. These shoes have extra cushioning but are light in weight so as to offer superior impact absorption hence help the sprinter perform better. The shoe needs to be of the correct form to provide individuals comfortability.

When choosing the best running shoes for sprinters consider the following:

  • The event or track surface matters when getting shoes because different spikes are meant for different surfaces. If you are running 2 miles get sprint spikes, but if running a mile get distance spike. If running on a hard track get smooth plastic spike plates, if sprinting while you are running on your toes, get plates with lifters and if sprinting on a softer rubber surface get shark teeth spikes.
  • Check on the spikes that they are of the correct length. The spikes come in different lengths in different brands, but make sure that you get shoes that don’t have too long pins. You may buy spike pins and a spike wrench that will help you replace the spike pins if need be.   Most spikes are similar in hardness, weight and spike distribution, hence they offer maximum comfort and make one feel good when they are sprinting.
  • The distance you are running will determine the types of spikes. There are spikes meant for short sprints, long sprints, middle distances, long distances, field events, steeplechase and cross country. The number of pins will depend on your running distance. For steeplechases, the shoes have holes to allow water to run through them.
  • Have the best fit where the shoe should fit like a glove, but a bit tighter than your training shoes. It should not have any excess room so that it doesn’t affect your performance. Try as many shoes and of different models so as to get the best shoe. Choose a pair of shoe that you feel fastest in if you have more than one option to choose from.

Bring the socks that you plan to compete in when trying on shoes. You can ask for testing of the shoes on different tracks or walk around the store on a carpeted surface. Whatever kind of shoe design that you find comfortable make sure you stick to it while training and sprinting.

Asics Gel Nimbus are super comfortable running shoes. Image credit: Asics

If you don’t know which shoe to get, ask your coach and they will give you guidance on the recommended type of shoe spike for you.

Most shoes are designed to provide optimum support for 300 to 500miles before they begin falling apart. Some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy are Asics running shoes, who are synonymous with making super-light, super-comfy footwear. After this, they may cause shin and arch pain because the cushioning has begun falling off and the seams split. It is worth investing your money in a shoe that will serve its purpose while keeping your feet safe and the best can be got from reputable running specialty stores.

How to build a window bench with MDF or plywood

Dress your windows with a beautiful DIY wood bench & enjoy the views!

Making good use of the space available is really important at home. If you do not, you are most likely going to end up with crammed furniture, along with many items cluttering your rooms. One of the best ways to make good use of space is to have window benches. Often the space beneath most windows is unused, probably only to accommodate a curtain. But what if you were to have a shorter curtain, and use the floor space for a window bench. Apart from having additional storage space you will also be incorporating another piece of furniture in the room, not to mention the fact that you can also sit there and enjoy the view outside. Building a window bench is really easy. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to do it in a day or two!

Start off by thinking about the window bench you will be building. Will it be as wide as the window, smaller, or bigger, and how deep will you make it? Will you be attaching it to the wall? Will you be placing cushioning or padding on top? Then, start to measure and decide on the dimensions so that you will be able to acquire the materials accordingly.

Simple DIY MDF Window Bench. Image credit: Dovetail Carpenters

What Do You Need?

Gather the materials you will require, namely sheets of plywood or pre-cut MDF boards, wood screws, wood glue, paint, wood putty, corner trims and 2x4s. You will obviously need some tools, including a circular saw, a mitre saw, a screw gun, a tape measure, a hammer, a finish nail gun and a spirit level.

How To Build It

Start by building the frame box. This will be the inside of the bench box. Then, move on to measuring and cutting the sides, so as to attach them to this frame. Obviously the height of the bench will depend on how big you are going to cut the sides. Screw the sides into the framing, fill the holes with putty and sand lightly for a smoother finish.

Next comes the top of the bench. Since you will be storing things within it, this is basically going to be like a lid to a box. As a bench it is recommended that you accommodate an overhang at both sides. About 2 inches should be enough. Screw the top into place, and fill the holes with wood putty. If you will be painting the top as well, sand it lightly. If you are going to place a cushion or padding over it there is no need to do this.

Finishing it off with trim is important for better results. You can use a baseboard, an edge trim, and a corner trim. A beadboard can also work out well in this case. Cut each piece to see that it fits vertically, from the bench’s base to underneath the overhang of the top. The glue it in place and nail it. Measure the baseboard’s length to cut it. While doing this make sure that the corners are going to be a corner tight joint. It is best to cut a bit longer, dry fit, and then trim as necessary. Then measure the two vertical corner trim pieces. Cut them to cover the front corners, right where the beadboard panels meet. A brad nail gun would render this part of the job easier.

Attaching a Piano Hinge. Image credit: DIY Network

Finally you will need to attach a piano hinge in the back so as to allow the top to be lifted for storage purposes. The deeper it is, the more you can store but make sure it is not too deep to make you bend way down to reach to the stuff you place within it. Many use window benches to store shoes, handbags, toys, or books, but the sky is your limit!

Finishing Up

Your window bench is basically done! All you have to do now are some finishing touches. You can paint or stain your window bench. Obviously take into account the color of the furniture in that room so as to try to complement them as much as possible. Give at least two coatings, and allow the previous coating to dry well before applying the next. Finally you can and add cushions or padding on the top for a nicer look. This would be really visually appealing if you use the same material of the curtain of the window, or else go for something contrasting. It can really have a nice, striking effect on the final look. As you can see it is really simple to build a window bench yourself. It is not going to cost you much either as MDF or plywood boards are really affordable.

5 Largest Star Constellations Visible from the UK

What beginning stargazers need to see and learn from the night sky

If you are new to the stargazing hobby, you are likely still in the process of “learning” the sky, and how to find your way around. While there are many ways of learning to find objects to view, one of the easiest is to learn to identify the constellations. Many constellations contain spectacular deep sky objects within their borders, so if you know where a particular constellation is at any given time, you can drastically reduce the time you spent looking for an object.

That said though, many constellations look nothing like the mythological creatures they are said to represent, and even some professional astronomers have some difficulty in identifying some of the more obscure constellations. Moreover, not all constellations are always visible from any spot on the globe, but observers in the UK are fortunate in that the five biggest constellations out of the 88 recognized constellations are all visible from within the borders of the United Kingdom. Let us look at each of these constellations in a little more detail.

Hydra, the Water Snake

This image shows Hydra relative to some other major constellations.

Image credit: www.space.com
Image credit: Space.com

Hydra is the largest of all the constellations, and it takes up 3.15% of the sky, which works out to 1 303 square degrees between latitudes +54° and -83° in the southern sky. Although the constellation is located in the southern sky, it is fully visible from the UK along with some others that also fall in the southern sky. The best time to see the Water Snake stretched out over its full length (102.5 degrees) is at around 9 PM (Local Time) during April.

All told, Hydra has 238 stars, of which Alphard (Alpha Hydrae) is the most luminous with an apparent visual magnitude of 1.98. The constellation’s star count includes 18 stars that host 23 planets between them. Notable deep sky objects in Hydra include the open cluster Messier 48, the globular cluster M68, the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy (M83), the Hydra Cluster of galaxies, Tombaugh’s Globular Cluster (NGC 5694), the Ghost of Jupiter nebula, and the spiral galaxy ESO 510-G13.

Hydra is bordered by the constellations Antlia, Cancer, Canis Minor, Centaurus, Corvus, Crater, Leo, Libra, Lupus, Monoceros, Puppis, Pyxis, Sextans and Virgo, which it makes it easy to identify, since some of the bordering constellations are very prominent.

Virgo, the Virgin

The image shows Virgo relative to other major constellations.

Image credit: Space.com
Image credit: Space.com

Virgo is one of the 12 zodiac constellations first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Occupying an area of 1 294 square degrees, between latitudes +80° and -80° in the southern hemisphere, it is the second largest of all the constellations. Like Hydra, Virgo is visible from the UK because it lies close to the ecliptic. The best time to view Virgo is at about 9 PM (Local Time) during May.

Virgo contains the autumn equinox point, a point in the sky that marks the intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator. The opposite point is in the constellation Pisces; the two points mark the beginning of the northern autumn, and the southern spring respectively when the Sun crosses these positions.

Notable deep sky objects in Virgo include the very bright galaxies M49, M58, M59, M60, M87, as well as the famous Sombrero Galaxy, M104. Virgo also has 26 stars that host 33 planets between them, more than any other constellation. Constellations that border on Virgo are Boötes, Coma Berenices, Corvus, Crater, Hydra, Leo, Libra and Serpens Caput.

Ursa Major, the Big Bear

The image shows Ursa Major relative to other major constellations.

Image credit: IAU/Sky & Telescope
Image credit: IAU

Ursa Major is the largest of the northern constellations, and the third largest overall, taking up an area of 1 280 square degrees between latitudes +90° and -30° in the northern sky. The Bear is perhaps best known for the famous Plough, or Big Dipper asterism (as it is known in the USA), it contains. Along with the constellations Orion and the Southern Cross, Ursa Major has a history dating back several thousand years, and it has been known in every major culture of the world, albeit under different names at different times. Ursa Major is best seen at about 9 PM (Local Time) during April.

All told, Ursa Major has 209 stars of which 18 host 24 planets between them. Apart from lots of planets, Ursa major also contains some spectacular deep sky objects, some of which are easy targets for amateur equipment. Some notable objects include the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), Bode’s Galaxy, the Cigar Galaxy, and the Owl Nebula.

Constellations bordering on Ursa Major are Boötes, Camelopardalis, Canes Venatici, Coma Berenices, Draco, Leo, Leo Minor and Lynx.

Cetus, the Whale

The image shows Cetus relative to some neighbouring constellations. Note the location of the star Mira in the centre of the constellation; Mira is the prototype for the Mira class of variable stars.

Image credit: IAU
Image credit: IAU

Cetus is located in a region of the sky known as “Water”, along with some other constellations whose names are connected to water in some way. The constellation takes up an area of 1 231 square degrees between latitudes +70° and -90° of the southern sky. The Whale is best seen at about 9 PM (Local Time) during November.

All told, the constellation contains 189 stars, 21 of which host 27 planets between them. Apart for stars like Deneb Kaitos (Beta Ceti), Menkar (Alpha Ceti), and Mira (Omicron Ceti) that are all famous for various reasons, the constellation also includes some notable deep sky objects, such as M77, a barred spiral galaxy located about 50 million light years away, and the “Pac-Man Nebula” that is named for the arcade game character, because it appears to be slurping up the stars in the surrounding star field.

Constellations that border on Cetus are Aquarius, Aries, Eridanus, Fornax, Pisces, Sculptor, and Taurus.

Hercules, the (Roman) Hero

The image shows Hercules relative to other major constellations.

Image credit: IAU
Image credit: IAU

Although Hercules was catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century, it’s history dates back to ancient Sumerian times, when it was associated with the hero Gilgamesh in an epic tale that resembles some stories from the Old Testament.

Being the fifth largest constellation in the sky, Hercules takes up an area of 1 225 square degrees between latitudes +90° and -50° in the northern sky. All told, the constellation contains 245 stars, 16 of which host 19 planets between them. However, despite the constellations’ large star count, it does not contain any first magnitude stars, but the constellation is relatively easy find. Look for the prominent Keystone asterism that is made up of Pi, Eta, Zeta, and Epsilon Herculis, the four brightest stars in the constellation.

Some notable deep sky objects in Hercules include M13, a large globular star cluster located on one side of the Keystone, M92, which at about 14 billion years old is arguably the oldest star cluster known, the Hercules Cluster of galaxies (NGC 6210), and Abell 2199, a large galaxy cluster. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Hercules contains the Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall, the largest known superstructure in the Universe. This conglomeration of galaxy clusters stretches over 10 billion light years in length, 7.2 billion light years in breadth, and 1 billion light years in depth.


So there you have it. The 5 largest constellations visible from the UK. Hopefully as a newbie to stargazing, you’ll find this useful in your quest to learn about what’s up there in the night sky to see and enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned observer or starting out from scratch, there’s always new and fascinating heavenly bodies to find and observe so have fun and enjoy your experience. And remember, the best way to see the night sky is to purchase one of the best beginners telescopes on the market. Buying the right one should last you many years to come and be a solid investment.

5 Strategies That Guarantee A Smart Landscape Design

The fact that landscape design is a booming industry at the present moment does not state that you cannot take part of it in your home. In fact, there are a lot of landscape design DIY projects you can engage in and give your home or work area a new meaning.

But how to know if your project is going to fit in the traditional view of landscape design? We are listing a checklist of all the most important aspects for your overall planning and development.

1. Plan For Equipment Access

One of the first and foremost rules you need to consider when working under the premise of landscape design – is the importance of anticipating future access. Whether it is mowers or stump grinders, future building projects such as a porch or patio, you will face an additional project or repair that requires some machinery to get into your backyard. Therefore, access is important.

2. Start With The Focal Points

A focal point is what makes your project look unique – and although we are used to looking at a specimen tree or statue as a focal point, this is not a strict rule to follow. Speaking of rules, the best one we can give is the ability to find something that is slightly to very different from the rest of the area – whether in form, texture or color.

3. Keep The Curves In Check

Including curves to your garden project will improve its sense of style, uniqueness and look – as long as it is not overdone. The best way to go with is with long and subtle curves that do not take you far out of the way of your destination.

4. Add Movement To Your Project

Landscape design is a form of art – but not quite similar to paintings. They are fine for hanging on a wall, but a garden needs some movement to add life and interest – which is why you may want to consider ornamental grasses swaying in the breeze.

5. Keep The Spacing In Mind

A lot of landscape designers focus too much on plants – and less on space. In reality, space is what you need for your garden and home, and the main benefit you will get from your project. Also, proper spacing allows better air circulation and prevents any fungal and insect problems.

Garden Bridge
Image credit: Examiner.com

In the end, you should know that landscape design should not follow strict rules. What it should follow is your own gardening mantra and the way you see plants. Only with this as a ‘rule’, you will see its value and put your mind and creativity to practice. In the end, landscape design is all about giving your home the holistic approach in needs, but also a great way to save money and invest in years of enjoyment.

Invest In Your Business with a Professional Office Fit Out

Increase Productivity & Profit

When designing an office there are many things to take into consideration. The design and layout of an office has a huge impact on the performance of employees. For starters, if employees feel that they are too overcrowded in an office, and if the office environment is not nicely decorated and clean, they are naturally going to be demotivated.

Their efficiency and performance will thus suffer considerably as a result, and this will have an impact on overall costs for your firm. Therefore an office fit out or refurbishment does not have to be considered as a waste of money at all. It should on the other hand be considered as a form of investment, because if your employees are feeling happy they are going to be more productive and efficient.

This has been seen in countless commercial establishments and offices. In fact throughout the years, businesses who have invested in interior improvements whether large or small, have shown to have far higher productivity rates amongst staff.

Laying the groundwork

A good, reputable interior fit out firm will always start off with a thorough evaluation of the office space available, as well as a consultation with the business owner. They need to be well aware of the operations of the firm as well as the number of employees that will be working in the office. In such a way, they will be better able to come up with office fit out designs that will encourage efficiency during the business operations.

They should take into account various things which most business owners will have left unnoticed. For instance, they will try to make use of natural light as much as possible. They will see to the electrical connections that are required beforehand, as well as other installations, plumbing works and numerous areas that require a qualified engineer to install or maintain, which helps the office run more efficiently.

Sticking to timelines

Another aspect they should place a great deal of importance on is the completion time for the office fit out. They should understand that while the fit out is being carried out, your business cannot operate normally, and at times, not at all!

Therefore, they need to make sure that the completion date is adhered to, and that they stick to it at all costs. They will also do their best to minimize any inconvenience the work in progress can cause. When formulating the office fit out project plan, they should be responsible for coordinating the job times properly one after the other and also be responsible for contacting and arranging the necessary contractors and service providers for their respective jobs or tasks in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

So if you are considering an office fit out, make sure that you are going to hire someone who really knows what to do and is fully certified and qualified. Choose a firm who prides themselves that they are experts in office fit out, and we guarantee that you won’t regret hiring them.

SEO Agency Kent: Choosing a Results Driven Supplier

Criteria to consider in your selection process

The search engine optimisation industry is rife with options and sadly, a great deal of bad eggs out there. In and amongst the thousands of choices from far and wide, it’s common knowledge that there’s only a handful of reputable SEO agencies that actually deliver long term, tangible results that give a notable return on investment. Problem is, how do you find these rare gems in and amongst the junk?

To the unsuspecting client, making a poor decision can not only be costly in terms of investment, it could be far worse and cost you your business and livelihood. So when it comes to seeking out a so-called expert in organic search engine optimisation, most business owners prefer to not bother to avoid a potentially fatal business decision.

If however, you’ve reached a point where you’ve exhausted all options such as affiliate marketing, banner advertising, pay-per-click ads, word of mouth or even old fashioned, traditional methods such as cold calling, printed advertising and business conferences, then perhaps you realise its time to get found on Google in the natural results and start reaping the rewards of free, high volume traffic from organic sources. If so, it’s time to get smart and educate yourself on the do’s and don’t’s of finding yourself a top SEO in your local area.

5 key must-have’s before hiring an SEO agency

1) Expectations – its a common problem for SEO’s that many clients expect miracles to happen quickly when they hire a search engine optimisation expert. They bombard them with dozens of target keywords, many of which the target website URL has no relevance or relation to and think their problems will be over soon and the money will start rolling in.

The fact is, organic search ranks require time to take effect. In most cases, usually weeks if not several months. Every site is different and dependent on how competitive your marketplace is, the quality of your site and where it presently stands in the ranks, changes in search engine positioning can be a long and arduous road. So if you are new to SEO, you’ll need bags of patience and a solid budget to really reap the rewards.

If your SEO is one of the best, the results will come but don’t expect life changing events to occur overnight. It’s a gradual process that takes time. If it was simple to get ranked number one overnight, then everyone would be doing it!

2) Budget – if you only have a small budget then don’t expect to receive Rolls Royce results when you can only afford a Mini. The fact is, proper SEO is a long and time consuming process that requires a knowledgeable hand and a solid, well-conceived strategy. If you can’t afford much investment in your marketing efforts then don’t approach an SEO with hundreds of target keywords. Just pick a handful that you feel you want to rank for and they’ll research the best derivatives of your desired target keywords that will bring the best return for your investment and conversion rate.

3) Return on Investment – as above, your expected ROI can only be attributed to what you put in. If you sell low-priced items, then a high sales volumes are required to make a return, whilst if you offer a service that brings in higher margins on just a few sales, achieving a solid ROI is more attainable.

Again, results will never be overnight so if your budget is seriously going to drain your cashflow then you may have to rethink your budgetary plans but, if your budget is a tiny fraction of your ongoing monthly cashflow, then you should be in good shape to make a return when the traffic levels and conversions start rolling in.

4) Locality – SEO’s operate all over the world but you’d be wise to find one close to your location who speaks your native tongue. Throwing money at a complete stranger in a foreign land is a massive risk and you may end up getting burned. Find a local SEO to you who you can meet, speak to at regular intervals and have meetings with to discuss progress, strategies and any questions you may have on the service they’re providing you.

5) Trust – only use a supplier who you have complete faith and trust in. If you hire an overseas or long distance SEO, then the likelihood of achieving a mutual trust is remote. That’s why having an initial consultation and perhaps, even a free on-site SEO audit of your site in the offset will be the best way to break the ice and get your business relationship off to the best possible start.

SEO Agency Kent